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Khordad Movement Anniversary 2019

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The 1963 Khordad movement was an important event in the history of Iran.

It began as a protest against Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini imprisonment and lasted for 2 days.

Now Iran annually observes Khordad Movement Anniversary (15 Khordad) on June 5.

Ruhollah Khomeini was a political and religious leader in Iran.

Khomeini opposed the Shah and criticized the USA and Israel.

He was arrested for several times and exiled from the country.

One of the arrests, that took place on the 15th day of Khordad month (Iranian calendar), caused a massive protest by Iranians.

Khomeini was arrested after a speech, in which he drew parallels between Yazid I (most Islamic scholars regard him as a tyrant) and the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Khomeini was arrested by the Shah's order on June 5, that caused masses of angry demonstrators to flow to the streets of the Iranian cities.

The Shah declared martial law, imposed a curfew and ordered military forces to restore order.

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